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Leverage the convenience of more than 5,000 retail locations as your storefront for exchanging merchandise, parts or other items.

Simple and Convenient Exchanges

The UPS Store® can fulfill the role of your storefront, corporate office or warehouse in exchanging merchandise, parts or other items to you.

Features and Benefits of The UPS Store Exchanges Program


  • The CRS Exchange Program provides your customers and/or employees with a convenient option for exchanging items
  • Since both inbound and outbound shipments are done simultaneously, your company saves time in facilitating the exchange
  • If you choose, all transactions are consolidated on an itemized monthly bill, helping to streamline your accounting and administrative duties


  • Your CRS Exchange Program can use any UPS® shipping service level
  • You have the flexibility to have the items returned to you that have been professionally packaged at The UPS Store
  • You have the option to have shipping and packaging charges billed directly to you or to have your customer incur part or all of the charges
  • The UPS Store will work with you to develop an exchange solution that best fits your company’s needs

How The UPS Store Exchanges Program Works

  1. You select The UPS Store locations you would like to utilize
  2. Your customer, employee, guest, client, member, and/or other end user requests an exchange of merchandise, parts or other item and is directed to the appropriate location 
  3. You ship the package to the specified The UPS Store location
  4. At his/her convenience, that individual will go to The UPS Store, present the required identification or other info you require, and exchange their item for the new one
  5. The UPS Store location follows the specified instructions agreed upon by your company to pack (as necessary) and ship the item back to you
  6. If you choose, you receive a consolidated and itemized monthly bill of all transactions

Take the Next Step

Ready to find out how our Corporate Retail Solutions can be tailored to your specific business needs? Simply fill out the CRS Business Application to have one of our Account Managers contact you.

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Our Returns solution gives your customers and/or employees an easier way to return items and/or merchandise to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Exchange program?

The Exchange program allows The UPS Store to fulfill the role of exchanging merchandise, parts or other items. When an item needs to be returned and replaced, The UPS Store can facilitate the exchange, saving the company valuable time.

Our Exchanges solution can help your company save time and money by expediting the exchange process for your customer, employee, guest, client, member, and/or other end user.

How can I become part of the CRS Exchange Program?

To find out more about the CRS Exchange Program, contact your UPS account representative or fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

Corporate Retail Solutions FAQs

What business services do you offer?

The UPS Store can help speed a company’s business transactions by offering its employees and/or customers access to business services such as copying, faxing, printing, mailbox services, packaging, shipping and other related products and services. Companies utilize this program to facilitate communications with customers by using our network as a nationwide business services provider.

How can I get a consolidated bill when all of the locations are individually owned and operated?

By networking more than 5,000 The UPS Store locations, the Corporate Retail Solutions program enables us to offer central billing to our clients.

Can I obtain or purchase a list of your franchised locations?

We do not make network listings available upon request. However, we will assist you in finding The UPS Store locations that will best fit your needs.

We are looking for a temporary solution. Is the Corporate Retail Solutions program right for us?

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. Our solutions are intended to be long-term, ongoing programs. However, Corporate Retail Solutions can assist with temporary solutions under specific circumstances, for example, a product recall.

More information

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